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Star Fabon

Manufacturers of Interlining fabrics & Foam Laminated Linings for Footwear


              EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) coating for Interlining: Fabrics such as cotton, polyester are used to Interline with Leather shoes which are coated with EVA to facilitate bonding and conditioning, water proofing leather and other allied footwear uppers.

  • Foam laminated lining

Fabrics such as Drill, Polyester, Fur are Laminated with the foam for conditioning and cushion effect.


                      EVA coated fabrics are bonded with leather to condition and waterproof the shoes.


Our range of fabric products include

  • i) Drill fabrics
  • ii) Canvas fabrics
  • iii) Checked fabrics
  • iv) Printed fabrics (Bonding with Backer)
  • v) Line fabrics

NOTE: We are Specialized in YARN DYED LINING.

It Enable us to cater to the diverse variety of customers, entertaining customization leveraging over 10 years of Research and Development experience. We have created an ecosystem of

        i)  State of the Art Machinery

       ii)  Warehousing

      iii)  Packaging

      iv)  Guaranteed On-time Delivery


Business development:

We are looking to expand our clientele internationally. Being in India, our USPS are

  • Easy access to labor market
  • Direct procurement of raw materials
  • Competitive pricing of products
  • Adherence to RSL (Restricted substance list)

We manufacture fabric as per the RSL specified by the client.

Research and development:

We are currently in the Research and development phase of our technology and processes to diversify into the Fashion industry, where we can achieve synergies of scope. The fabrics can be used to create Bags, Jackets and other allied fashion products.


Currently we have the capacity to roll-out 50,000 sq. m per month. We have also acquired additional space to seamlessly expand the throughput to 125,000 sq. m per month.

Organized packaging team to ensure precise packaging with due care.

Our manufacturing base is established in Coimbatore housing dedicated auto looms to customize various products as per the client’s requirement.


Our products are known for their unique designs & great quality adhering to RSL (Restricted substance list) Standards, protecting Consumer health and the Environment

We manufacture as per the norms & standards specified by the client.


The clientele have been using our quality products and services since 10 years, Our product features in various renowned brands from countries like Italy, U.K., and US, along with the strong Indian market.